the title of the article indicates that her death is suspicious. A mentally ill and depressed woman who went off her meds was found dead at the bottom of a ravine. How is that suspicious? It's just kinda haphazardly thrown in there with no justification except the poor woman had mental health issues and obvious… » 10/20/14 1:57pm Today 1:57pm

Right? This whole article reminds me of the Louis ck bit. "I wouldn't call a gay guy a fag unless he was being a fag!! Like if he pulled the dick out of his mouth and said something like, people from Phoenix are phoxeians! And I'd be like SHUTUP FAGGOT AND PUT THAT DICK BACK IN YOUR MOUTH!!!" Words don't mean… » 10/19/14 11:28pm Yesterday 11:28pm

my god it's like they care about more inportant issues than the typical gawker stance of "WHITE PEOPLE BAD, BLACK PEOPLE GOOD". It's almost as if the guy wants to do something to improve America instead of just sitting on the fence saying the "proper" thing! Hasn't gawker been complaining about (republican)… » 10/19/14 9:06pm Yesterday 9:06pm

The only difference between McClain and Aaron Hernandez is that McClain missed. They're both dumb thugs who do not desrve the breaks they've been repeatedly given. And before anyone gets on my case over the use of the word "thug" which apparently means the n word nowadays, I'm pretty sure people who shoot at other… » 10/16/14 7:31pm Thursday 7:31pm

Not to mention if you go from the 82 games they have now to let's say 62 games you end up with 20 less games and 10 less home games. That means the owners of the teams lose out on roughly a quarter (they play 41 home games a year) of their stadium revenue including attendance, souvenirs, parking, food sales, etc.… » 10/16/14 12:39pm Thursday 12:39pm