Miracle catch, pretty much wins the super bowl, beat the previously undefeated patriots who would have gone 19-0 if not for the miracle catch, shock the sports world, made a word (helmet catch) vs that nice catch that guy made in November. Hmm which to pick, which to pick » 11/23/14 11:33pm Sunday 11:33pm

Nowadays businesses are more likely to come from people without college degrees who just have a stupid idea like this. As fewer and fewer people can afford colleges the amount of educated adults will drop and all the "poors" will be playing court jester to the rich who will be kings and queens!! It's what the founding… » 11/17/14 10:10pm 11/17/14 10:10pm

It is a common expression used for someone hired in the interim. It basically means "if this person doesn't fuck up in a huge way we're not looking for anyone else." There is a lot of horrible sexist bullshit you could take reddit to task for but this is grasping at straws » 11/14/14 8:40am 11/14/14 8:40am