The presses reaction is because it's a slow God damn week for football journalists. If this happened between the wild card and divisional round it would be a blip on the radar. This week however they have absolutely nothing to talk about. Media day isn't till Saturday so football journalists cling to this and write a… » 1/23/15 11:00am Friday 11:00am

Hahahahah it's really cute how you think anyone will be held accountable for this. A poor man pimps out teenage girls and him and his poor clients are monsters who belong in jail!! Rich people who fuck and pimp a bunch of 14 year olds is not a big deal. The rich in this country are clearly above the law and can do… » 1/22/15 8:12pm Thursday 8:12pm

The whole idea of busing was and is stupid. "Let's take kids out of the shitty school in one neighborhood and bus them across town to an equally shitty school where they don't know anyone or any of their surroundings and everyone is really uncomfortable in their surroundings! Ya that'll really increase learning… » 1/21/15 11:14pm Wednesday 11:14pm

So you were a cop (aka hallway monitor) in the branch of the military that sees the least action. So you were the uptight douchebag in charge of overseeing the office workers of the U.S. military and your surprised they were jerks? It's like people being upset at the office manager cause they kept stealing pens » 1/21/15 9:32pm Wednesday 9:32pm

Ya but the colts scored one touchdown with their fully inflated ball. The pats rushed for three touchdowns. This whole argument about the ball inflation levels is stupid because without throwing a pass the pats would have won 21-7. If the patriots won by only throwing passing touchdowns ballgate would hold a little… » 1/21/15 6:08pm Wednesday 6:08pm

I see what you're saying but how does this article affect women's rights at all? This whole article has the tone of "haha we are better!! Those losers with their stupid penises are crying!!" Whereas if this was an article about a team of all preteen boys being 8-1 in a league full of girls teams and the boys causing… » 1/19/15 9:25pm Monday 9:25pm