Life long Red Sox fan here. Sandoval should not have been ejected. Sox should have got a warning and Jimenez should have got a warning. Both should still be in the game. Sandoval did the right thing for his team as did Jimenez. Either eject both, which you shouldn't, or warn both, which you should » 4/17/15 9:35pm Friday 9:35pm

The only reason she testified is because they gave her immunity otherwise she would be at best guilty of perjury and at worst accessory to murder and evidence tampering, hell they could even add a conspiracy charge. But nope, they basically gave her carte Blanche to lie in court and she ran with it bless her awful… » 4/15/15 5:54pm Wednesday 5:54pm

Kevin love being completely unreliable and uninterested, Kyrie irvings fragility, depending on that fool jr smith off the bench, a coach who is severely out of his element, won't have home court in the eastern conference finals unless Atlanta loses early, do you even watch basketball? » 4/14/15 6:25pm Tuesday 6:25pm

Right? I noticed this during Obama vs Romney. One multimillionaire wouldn’t shut up about how the other multimillionaire doesn’t understand what it’s like being an average joe working 65 hours a week to support their family. The only way you can become president is if you’re in the 1% with enough money to run. These… » 4/13/15 10:35am Monday 10:35am