Umm i think im a republican because im a fiscal conservative yet liberal when it comes to people (ie gay marriage and wage equality for women i am all for). My problem with the modern day republican movement is they seem so deadset against the things i mentioned in the parathenses, theyve also managed to make my… » 4/15/14 6:52pm Tuesday 6:52pm

Great post! Growing up my mom did all the household chores (laundry, making dinner, etc) and my dad would do the other stuff (yardwork, home maintenence, shoveling, etc) so I just assumed every family was like that....then I got my own apartment with three friends, two males and a female. The female and I did most of… » 4/15/14 12:28pm Tuesday 12:28pm

Well ya. Ive been saying this for years. The biggest issue in this country is the rich vs the poor. The rich controls the government and the media. The media is kind enough to keep the average america splintered into several "smaller" issues like black vs white, gay vs straight, progun vs antigun, liberal vs… » 4/15/14 11:53am Tuesday 11:53am

Im against the idea of mass dna testing as it just doesnt seem right to me. "Well we didnt find the guy so fuck it, just test everybody." It seems like an enormous waste of time and resources seeing as this will clog up valuable time analysts will waste trying to solve other rapes and murders. I would be willing to bet… » 4/15/14 9:14am Tuesday 9:14am

that is awesome!! One time i saw hayden paniterre out shopping on hollywood and vine (she shut the store down), was stopped next to shaq on the highway when he was on the celtics and he gave me the "whats up" head (which is probably the straight man version of what you experienced with dwayne), and i chatted with michael … » 4/13/14 11:42pm Sunday 11:42pm

You do realize he hasnt been in charge of the church for decades right? Is it not better to thoroughly investigate these things so you have an airtight case to actually punish these people or would you just like for anyone accused to be punished? No im sorry im sorry i forgot it was best to just lynch anyone accused of … » 4/11/14 11:52pm 4/11/14 11:52pm

Im typically focused on making her happy. The lady typically makes sounds while all "excuse me miss could you keep it down? Im trying to make you orgasm but all these words are distracting me." Then again i used to have a roomate and i swear him and his gf were trying to make me deaf with all their moans and screams. » 4/11/14 11:39pm 4/11/14 11:39pm


God you are a fucking idiot. "I dont know anyone whose had an adverse reaction!!! That must mean anyone who does is ignorant. Never happened to me so it clearly never happened!!" I could smoke you under the table before breakfast. Its just smoking weed stop trying to act like youre churchill and eisenhower conquering the … » 4/11/14 8:20pm 4/11/14 8:20pm